You think you know your world?



Think again!


There’s a world of magic, gods, and incredible gifts. It lurks out of sight, hidden around the next corner or in the blink of an eye. But if you scratch the surface of what we all think of as as ‘real’, the miraculous bleeds forth, unseen by most.

Those who encounter it are rarely left unscathed.

Some are better equipped to deal with it than others: the gifted, humans born with astonishing powers passed down from prehistory; witches and other sorcerers, capable of sensing and harnessing magic itself; children of gods, with the power of their ancestors buried deep in their bloodlines.

Ordinary people with an extraordinary edge.

Welcome to the world of Inheritance.

“He’s a god, and he’s hungry, and I’ve agreed to feed him. That’s all there is to it.” - Laurence Riley, Jack of Thorns.


Bambi Laurence Riley

Laurence is a gifted florist, whose power over plants makes him one of San Diego’s best—second only to his mom, Myriam. He can’t control his other gifts, and his ongoing battle with addiction makes it hard to even try, but he hasn’t given up completely.

After his overdose three years ago, Laurence has bounced in and out of rehab. He’s lost his father, most of his former friends, and faith in himself, but he’s seen visions of futures that haven’t yet come to pass, and none of them make any sense to him.


Pagan. Bisexual. Gifted. Laurence has a future.

He just needs to seize it.

Quentin Ichabod d'Arcy

Quentin’s long and winding path to escape his past has brought him to San Diego, where being an earl means virtually nothing, and he can drink himself into oblivion without risk that he might be recognized.

But Quentin has more secrets than even he himself knows, and they cannot stay buried forever. From the psychokinesis he doesn’t understand to the childhood he has blotted out, his life is going to unravel, and no amount of willpower can stop it.

It all begins the day he meets Laurence Riley, the man who claims to have foreseen Quentin three years before they met.

Which is impossible.

Survivor. Demisexual. Gifted. Quentin is about to fall into a world of impossibilities.

And maybe discover his place in it.


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