You think you know your world?



Think again!

The Beginning


New to Inheritance?

Meet Laurence and Quentin in Jack of Thorns.

Are you Gifted?

Gifts. Talents. Psychic powers. Whatever you call them, there's no denying that they mark you out as special. Different. Other. But in this world of secrets, which one is yours?

Latest Release

Sigils of Spring

Return to San Diego with Sigils of Spring.

What's your magical style?

Not everyone can learn magic. It takes a certain something. For whatever reason, the universe has chosen to listen to you, but only you can decide how this relationship works.

Bonus Material

By Amber Harris

Take a look at some of the art inspired by Inheritance. NSFW.

Which Inheritance character are you?

Are you laid-back, or bossy? Shy, or a bull in a china shop? Everyone's personality matches an Inheritance character, so find yours now!

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